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Brandon "Fuzzy" Schwartz

Bristol, Indiana

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When I'm not teaching or coaching I'm often creating things. Or learning about making things. Especially pottery, digital photos, computer graphics, paintings, or drawings. I have a wide variety of interests and change media often. I'm not sure if it's creativity ADD or I just like to stay fresh and learn new things.

Brandon Schwartz
Brandon "Fuzzy" Schwartz

Be sure to check out the blog to see what I've been working on lately.

I do most of my work from my home in Bristol, Indiana where I have a small clay studio with an electric kiln, some space in the basement dedicated to painting and drawing, and just enough computer and camera equipment to have a project going at all times.

So... I started re-designing this site back in 2010. It's come a long way and I'm starting to feel like it's almost there. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for taking a look.

Updated July 15, 2013